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Daniel Bergeron


Bergeron_DanielAn expert in communication and Marketing, Mr. Bergeron has over 30 years of sales, advertising, and real estate management experience, including 16 years at the helm of a communications and marketing firm that he founded. Leading a dual career in the IT field, he was a Google development partner from 1998 to 2004, an exclusive advisor to the New Media department at Radio-Canada, and created and developed several major software. In 1994, he saw an opportunity with the Internet and created several cloud-based tools, large-scale applications, and revenue platforms. By 2015, his software and tools were generating more than $4 million in international sales weekly.

Recognized for his social involvement, as a senior consultant, Mr. Bergeron has supported the management, marketing, and both internal and external communication plans of hundreds of entrepreneurs and companies. He was additionally the director, vice-president, and president of OBNLs for several years and very active in the organization of philanthropic events for 35 years.