AMR policy and procedure

M5 Technologies Corporation Guarantee Process

M5 Technologies Corporation guarantees that each new product is free from any lack of material and manufacturing in the context of normal use and service for a period of thirty-six (36) months from the date of shipping by M5 Technologies.The products of M5 Technologies being the subject of a complaint under the warranty must be reported to M5 Technologies or to a distributor or approved reseller of M5 Technologies Corporation from which the product was originally purchased . Customers can also report and return defective products directly to M5 Technologies by following the return permit (RMA) request procedure described below. For more details on the guarantee of M5 Technologies Corporation, please consult the site

RMA request procedure

When a product of M5 technologies is suspected of being defective, requests for approval of return of goods must be sent to M5 Technologies by one of the following means:

Step 1 - Customers with an M5 Technologies Portal support technology [1] (MSP) must connect to their account and create a RMA request.

In both cases, information relating to the wing must be provided during the marketing authorization request.

  • Serial number of the unit or defective units
  • Version of the protocol and version number
  • Description of the defect (symptoms)
  • Person from which I bought my unit (s) (reseller)
  • "Delivery address of the repaired or replaced unit

2nd step - A specialist in assistance from M5 Technologies will contact the RMA applicant in order to diagnose the cause of failure and to acknowledge receipt of the return.

Step 3- A credit card authorization may be requested from customers who have not concluded a level of service agreement in order to guarantee the processing of products outside the warranty or without default.

Step 4 Once the defect of the equipment has been recognized, an RMA number as well as the shipping information will be provided to the applicant. The RMA numbers are valid for 60 days from the date of allocation. The products received without a valid RMA number will be returned to the expensive costs. Several defective units can be returned under a single RMA number.

Step 5- Unless otherwise indicated, the applicant must send the defective product to the following address:

M5 Corporation Technologies

RMA #____

3575 Rue Blanc Coteau, DOOR #13

Sherbrooke, QC, Canada

J1L 0B4

Shipping information

M5 Technologies strongly recommends reusing the original packaging to return the product. Original accessories such as cables and power blocks must also be included in the return. Any additional damage caused by poor packaging on the part of the sender will be repaired at the expense of the sender. Register the RMA number on the outside of all packages and in the reference field of the shipping form.

Make sure your export bill has the following mentions:

a) Sold by Media5 Corporation, Sherbrooke, QC, Canada.

b) Code HS 9813.00.00 - Integrated access device, no costs, no sale, return of the goods

The following information must appear on the commercial invoice:

Broker: Cole International Inc. - Montreal

Tel: 514-631-2653

Fax: 514-631-6116

The RMA applicant is responsible for shipping costs at M5 Technologies. The favorite shipping mode is the Ddu (DDU incoterm 2000).

M5 Technologies will send the RMA unit to the shipping address specified by the RMA applicant. The information relating to the shipping address refers to the address to which the repaired or replaced unit must be shipped. The destination address may be different from the original address.

The shipping condition for the return of a product is DDU (DDU Incoterm 2000). In this case, applicable taxes, rights and clearances must be paid by the recipient.

Repair or replacement

The defective unit received will be repaired or replaced by an equivalent product. The repaired or replaced unit will be returned to the delivery address specified in the RMA request and the follow -up information will be sent to the applicant. Repaired or replaced products are guaranteed against equipment and manufacturing defects for a period of 90 days from the date of shipment. The original product guarantee will prevail after the 90 -day period.

Out of Warranty

The warranty requests made after the applicable warranty period will be considered to be excluding guarantee. M5 Technologies will ask the RMA applicant for a credit card number or an order form corresponding to the cost of the repair before authorizing the return.

Damage caused by the customer

A defective unit declared by M5 Technologies as a damage induced by the Customer (CID) will be considered and processed as a guarantee. An RMA unit will be considered as CID when it is damaged by an electric overload, liquid leaks, damage damages due to poor packaging by the sender or any sign of incorrect manipulation. M5 Corporation technologies will not return a CID unit, it will be put back in our installations. If the RMA applicant wishes to recover his CID unit, he will pay all the return shipping costs.

Accusations founded without regard to the fault

Failureless research costs (NFF) will be invoiced for any RMA unit returned to M5 Technologies and confirmed as not being defective. NFF costs are indicated in the table below. The sender will pay all the return shipping costs as well as the costs if no defect has been found on the product.

Product line Repair cost * NFF ** Targeted repair time
(USD) (USD) (working days)
Mediatrix 4102/4102S $ 60 $ 60 30
Mediatrix 4108 $ 240 $ 150 30
Mediatrix 4116 $ 300 $ 150 30
Mediatrix 4124 $ 350 $ 150 30
Mediatrix LP Series $ 600 $ 150 30
Mediatrix 4400 Series $ 160 $ 150 30
Mediatrix 3000 Series $ 500 $ 150 30
Mediatrix C7 Series $ 160 $ 150 30
Mediatrix G7 Series $ 500 $ 150 30
Mediatrix S7 Series $ 350 $ 150 30
Mediatrix S7 LP Series $ 600 $ 150 30
Sentinel 400 $ 700 $ 150 30
Sentinel 100 $ 550 $ 150 30


* The applicant of an RMA may require a repaired or replacement product be reconditioned as a new product, with additional costs of 30 dollars per unit. ** More all return shipping costs and costs.