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Media5 Corporation

Enterprise Connect 2017

Enterprise communications have become more business-critical and complex than ever before. Being aware of this challenging moment, the leading provider of SIP-based solutions for RTC, M5 Technologies Corporation, brought to the Enterprise Connect 2017 the state-of-the-art multi-service gateways and its complete communication solutions to address and solve the most complex enterprise communication needs.In accordance with the conference and expo mindset, M5 Technologies presented its new launches: the Sentinel 100 SBC and the Mediatrix G7 gateways series. Two great solutions to implement and manage reliable, robust, secure, cost-effective communications across enterprises while also providing the most flexible, feature-rich, diverse, and up-to-date capabilities that can enhance and transform productivity and collaboration.M5 Technologies representatives met current and future partners and customers presenting its comprehensive portfolio of real-time business communications’ CPE.Contact us to schedule a meeting and learn about the new solutions: 


M5 Technologies Corporation is a global supplier of multimedia communication solutions for fixed and mobile service providers, Unified Communications services, and hosted communication services. The company has its corporate offices in Canada, with regional offices in the United States, Europe, and Latin America.