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Media5 Corporation

M5 Technologies Corporation Goes Open and Launches Beta Testing for the Mediatrix SDK

M5 Technologies Corporation, a leading developer of advanced Communications over IP products, services and developers solutions, has started beta testing its new Mediatrix SDK (Software Developer Kit). Mediatrix SDK allows users to easily build creative and innovative applications on any of the Mediatrix 3000 & 4000 Series SIP gateways and analog adaptors.Based upon M5 Technologies VoIP software modules, the Mediatrix SDK is a software package that provides developers the ability to create their own customizable VoIP solution and benefits from the processing power of the Mediatrix VoIP gateways. Because no two companies are alike, the Mediatrix SDK makes it possible for any small and medium-sized enterprise or service provider to have a VoIP solution specifically developed for their own unique requirements. This will enable a whole community to envision a new generation of innovative and differentiated applications, building on the best gateways on the market”The need for a VoIP solution that can be adapted to the specific demands of its users has existed since the advent of VoIP,” explained Samuel Guénette, Director of Products Management for M5 Technologies Corporation. “I am very pleased with Mediatrix’s SDK beta announcement; this marks another important company milestone as leaders in VoIP technologies. It is also in direct response to customers who are demanding the highest-quality adaptable solutions.”The Company is transitioning from internal testing to include invited beta users from outside the company. Beta testers will receive a Mediatrix VoIP gateway unit, configured with an SDK software package.