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Media5 Corporation

M5 Technologies Corporation Transforms the Branch Office

M5 Technologies Corporation, a leading developer of advanced MMoIP technologies and services, announced today that M5 Technologies has lent its expertise Branch Office marketplace.Highlighted in an editorial by Richard Grigonis in Internet Telephony Magazine (April) entitled “M5 Technologies Corporation Transforms the Branch Office”, M5 Technologies’s Marc Skinner speaks about the market conditions, the movement towards remote work environments, as well as some of the activities that M5 Technologies is undertaking in this marketplace.“The world is shrinking and the office is no longer the large building in the center of town. The number of remote workers has increased dramatically in the last few years – by over 35% in North America alone. The Best-in-Class Organization Standards, a US Government initiative, are developing solutions for optimizing and accelerating network traffic and remote management of branch office networks. Countries like Australia and many in Europe have led the way by passing initiatives amongst government employees to minimize travel by having employees work from remote locations or home.In this environment, more and more headquarters may be in one city with offices all over the world, increasing the need for communication systems and solutions that will allow organizations to communicate reliably and securely as if they all were in that one building in the center of town. These attributes are at the heart of the M5 TechnologiesBoss solutions.” – Marc Skinner, PLM Director, M5 Technologies Internet Telephony Magazine, August 2008. Powerful Expertise & TechnologyM5 Technologies will continue to offer the following industry leading brands of solutions:

  • Mediatrix VoIP access devices and gateways, which are designed for the enterprise, SOHO, and Service Providers markets.
  • M5T hardware and secure software technologies, which are aimed towards chipset manufacturers, equipment vendors, and service providers developing applications and products for real-time multimedia communications over IP.
  • An all-in-one suite of solutions designed for security and survivability in multi-site, branch office environments.