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Media5 Corporation

M5 Technologies Introduces the M5T SCE Mobility SDK for iPhone SIP Applications

M5T SCE Mobility SDK facilitates the creation of secure SIP-based applications by developers for the iPhoneM5 Technologies Corporation, a leading developer of advanced SIP technologies and services, today announced the release of the M5T SCE Mobility SDK, a software development kit (SDK) allowing third parties to create secure SIP-based applications that can run directly on the iPhone.The M5T SCE Mobility SDK provides tools and components to meet the requirements of software developers looking to quickly integrate SIP(Session Initiation Protocol) functionalities with enhanced stability and interoperability, including security features like TLS/SRTP, into their iPhone applications.The M5T SCE Mobility SDK is built over the M5T Framework and M5T SIP Client Engine (SCE), offering a suite of high-level C++ APIs based upon RFC 3261 and other IETF RFCs, which take care of all SIP signalling and RTP media handling details.  The M5T SCE Mobility SDK also offers a layer of abstraction for a wide range of supported platforms and operating systems and thus works on all platforms and operating systems supported by the M5T Framework; including Linux, VxWorks, WindowCE, Symbian, Windows and eCos.“We’ve had significant demand from our customer base for iPhone support, as companies want to allow the iPhone as an approved device choice along with their other smartphone devices,” explained Samuel Guénette, General Manager of M5T. “With the M5T SCE Mobility SDK, we offer a new product to the large iPhone community with thousands of developers and enable them to integrate secure SIP functionalities into any application.”