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Media5 Corporation

M5 Technologies Introduces the M5 Technologies Boss-Branch suite of Branch Office Secure Survivable Solutions

M5 Technologies Corporation, a leading developer of advanced MMoIP technologies and services, today announced the release of the M5 Technologies Boss-Branch suite of secure and survivable solutions.Security and Survivability in one SolutionBuilt upon the leading technologies of Mediatrix Telecom and M5T, the M5 Technologies Boss-Branch (Branch Office Secure Survivable) is an advanced solution offering both Security and Survivability in a powerful multi-functional product. The M5 Technologies Boss-Branch solutions enable Enterprises and Service Providers to connect branch offices to central data centers or to hosted service offerings.The M5 Technologies Boss-Branch solutions are specifically geared to support real-time communication scenarios like Voice over IP, as well as to accomplish branch office consolidation of their IT infrastructure while assuring the quality of service, security and features transparency of their communication infrastructure.Survivability and Security are key differentiators for the M5 Technologies Boss-Branch.

  • Allows branch offices to maintain phone service through an integrated SIP Proxy during Internet interruptions.
  • Allows secure branch office communication through the encryption of media and signaling.
  • This solution is transparent and requires minimal configuration.

M5 Technologies Boss-Branch is designed for branch offices up to 150 users, and can be configured with several types of voice gateway interfaces (FXS / BRI / PRI). For offices with more than 150 users, M5 Technologies has introduced the M5 TechnologiesBoss-Convergence line of products.“Service Providers and Enterprises are more and more looking to easily deploy secure and survivable multi-function solutions at a cost-effective price point,” explained Marc Skinner, Mediatrix PLM Director at M5 Technologies. “The M5 TechnologiesBoss-Branch combines VoIP gateways with a SIP Proxy, Encryption, Firewall, LAN router and QoS to meet these needs with a solution that is optimized for branch office applications.”