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Media5 Corporation

M5 Technologies releases the Mediatrix G7 gateway series

Quebec, Canada – M5 Technologies Corporation, the leading provider of IP-based communications solutions, launches the new member of its gateway portfolio, the Mediatrix G7 Series. Featuring PRI, FXS, and FXO interfaces; these reliable and comprehensive platforms combine phone adaptor and media gateway capabilities to connect legacy equipment to cloud telephony services and IP PBX systems to PSTN landlines.Designed for small and medium businesses, the Mediatrix G7 Series goes up to 120 simultaneous VoIP channels, ensuring carrier-grade voice quality, robust security and easy configuration and management for mass deployments. Operators and system integrators can benefit from Mediatrix G7 VoIP gateway platform to interconnect any analog or TDM device to SIP trunks or access PSTN lines – among other scenarios and use cases.The flexible combination of analog and digital telephony interfaces turns the Mediatrix G7 Series into a unique and valuable platform, capable to address complex deployment scenarios on customers’ premises. “M5 Technologies performed proof tests on the G7 gateways for different applications; solving complex implementation challenges, and allowing to phase-out hard-to-maintain TDM switches. Regardless of the operator, the system integrator or the enterprise deployments, the Mediatrix G7 Series offers the most reliable, comprehensive, and cutting edge media gateways currently available on the market. Every component and technological innovation, present in this new product, is engineered by taking into account the best user experience, excellence in Quality of Service, and our customers’ satisfaction.”, states the Mediatrix Product Line Manager Eric Beaudoin.The official Mediatrix G7 worldwide launch will take place in two of the most notable Telecom events around the world, FutureCom (Brazil) and Broadsoft Connections (US), in October and November 2016. 


M5 Technologies Corporation is a global supplier of multimedia communication solutions, offering a complete set of SIP-based products and technologies. With a focus on innovation and excellence in customer support, M5 Technologies delivers highly adaptive hardware and software components as well as ready-to-market SoftClients.Read more about the Mediatrix G7 Series in