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Media5 Corporation

M5 Technologies VoIP Gateways Certified Interoperable with the Panasonic NS1000 and TDE/NCP PBX

M5 Technologies Corporation, a leading provider of IP-based multimedia communications solutions, today announced the successful interoperability testing of both the Mediatrix 1204 FXO gateway and Mediatrix 3000 Series multi-service VoIP gateways with the Panasonic NS1000 telephone system and TDE/NCP PBX.The interoperability of the Mediatrix VoIP gateways with the Panasonic NS1000 telephone system and TDE/NCP PBX enables service providers to minimize the test deployment and acceptance cycle, ensuring that advanced communications services can work seamlessly between the Mediatrix and Panasonic solutions.The Product Line Manager for Mediatrix products, Mr. Andres Torres, said: “By working with key technical partners like Panasonic, we are able to deliver seamless, inovative communication solutions that address the business challenges that service providers face today.”M5 Technologies is a Panasonic PBX PSDN (Panasonic Solution Developer Network)  Silver Partner.Mediatrix access devices and secure gateways are innovative VoIP communication solutions for enterprises and Service Providers looking for deployment within existing network architectures, simplifying the migration to VoIP, and resolving complicated network assessments and equipment interoperability issues.Mediatrix products focus on delivering the core benefits of IP telephony: cost-effectiveness, reliability, scalability and security.