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Sentinel 100 Pure SBC

The Sentinel 100 Pure SBC is a high performance SBC for SMBs. Designed to carry out SIP normalisation, network demarcation, survivability, and security, the Sentinel 100 offers QoS monitoring, remote mass management, and troubleshooting tools for a cost-effective network maintenance and customer service.

Technical Specifications

Main SBC Features


Encryption (TLS/SRTP)

SIP Normalisation

Network Demarcation

Registered Users

No extra license required

Voice Channels

No telephony ports

Network Interfaces

5 x 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet RJ-45


Sentinel ensures service continuity by establishing external calls through a secondary trunk and by routing internal calls when the primary network is temporarily unavailable.

Network Demarcation

Create a clear separation between the enterprise’s and the operator’s networks by hiding the topologies and credentials, and by blocking unauthorised users.

SIP Normalisation

Sentinel normalises major vendor SIP signaling protocols into a single well-defined interface that can be adapted to any specific IMS or Softswitch implementation.


Sentinel monitors the quality of service and provides enhanced remote troubleshooting tools to understand and resolve issues affecting the service.

Technical Specifications

Carrier-Grade Features

QoS monitoring, remote mass management, and troubleshooting tools
Service continuity in Hosted UC/PBX deployments

Easy Configuration and Management

Zero-touch configuration
Intuitive Web GUI

Robust Security

Enterprise communication encryption
SIP-enabled firewall inspects and authorises communications and prevents DoS attacks


Dual-stack IPv6 and IPv4
NAT, firewall, and router capabilities



Provide a demarcation point with QoS monitoring and remote troubleshooting for a cost-effective network management and customer service.

Provide service continuity in Hosted Unified Communications/PBX deployments with phone survivability, failover to geo-redundant core servers, and QoS traffic shaping.

Secure communications inside or outside on both the operator and customer networks.


Safely connect multiple trunks, branch offices, and mobile workers to the enterprise IP-PBX or UC system.

Perform SIP normalisation translating any vendor implementation into a single well-defined SIP interface.

Protect the IP network of the Enterprise by controlling all incoming and outgoing media, signaling, and data.

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