M5 Technologies and Siemens Enterprise Communications Announce SIP Centre of Excellence

Global agreement to help advancement SIP technologies

M5 Technologies , a leading developer of advanced Communications over IP products, services and developers solutions, and Siemens Enterprise Networks (SEN) a leading global provider of unified communications (UC) solutions are today, pleased to acknowledge and underline a unique partnership. Over the last 10 years the two companies have worked together in SIP Development, creating and nurturing a SIP Centre of Excellence within M5 Technologies , which has through its results allowed both organizations to stay at the forefront of SIP evolution and implementations.

“This strong partnership has been built on M5 Technologies Corporations 10+ years of cutting edge expertise in SIP Development, and SEN’s drive to deliver market-leading functionality in its product offering. These achievements began with the completion of an IP phone demo within two weeks of SEN’s decision to move to SIP and have included, among others, the 1st implementation of an SRTP stack for secure voice communication. We are pleased that these implementations have allowed both companies to establish and maintain leadership positions,” stated Samuel Guenette, Media 5 Corporations Director of Product Management.  “Over the years the range of services provided through the Centre of Excellence have included workshops, training, and proof-of –concepts, all of which , we feel, have helped SEN orient their development strategy and roadmap.”

M5 Technologies Achieves Significant Year of Record Sales

With new technologies and core VoIP solutions M5 Technologies advances its market reach

Despite the unstable economy and the persistent credit crisis the US and other countries are experiencing for this year, M5 Technologies , a leading developer of advanced Communications over IP products, services and developers solutions, has seen an unprecedented increase in both its customer base as well as revenue growth.

The company announced that it has achieved significant sales and growth from last year, and has finished 2009 with its best overall year-to-year since the company’s beginning in 1997.

For 2009, M5 Technologies has expanded its sales force worldwide, doubling the number of sales representatives, making significant inroads in the Middle East.

By leveraging their years of experience, the company has also introduced a line of secure branch office VoIP solutions, as well as several interesting mobility solutions to provide enhanced and integrated communications for an enterprise’s mobile worker.

In addition its core product lines of Mediatrix VoIP gateways continue to be a key component for service providers as well as enterprises looking to implement VoIP. All this has fueled the growth of the company. The combined executive team has over 40 years of Telecommunications experience.

“The telecommunications industry, in particular the VoIP sector, has seen its fair share of fluctuation in the past few years; however despite the financial crunch we are all facing, we are confident that VoIP will continue to be a significant catalyst for a change in the way that service providers, enterprises and consumers use communications ” stated Philippe Babin, General Manager of M5 Technologies “As a privately-held company, M5 Technologies has grown consistently by creating time-tested and proven VoIP solutions.”