M5 Technologies Releases TR-069 Protocol on all its Mediatrix VoIP Gateways

Mediatrix VoIP Gateways support the TR-069 Protocol for remote management 

M5 Technologies , a leading developer of advanced Communications over IP products, services and developers solutions, today announced that the TR-069 Protocol for remote management of end-user devices has been successfully integrated into the Mediatrix line of VoIP Gateways.

TR-069 will be available on all of the Mediatrix VoIP access devices and gateways running the DGW v2.0 firmware.  This auto-provisioning standard primarily deployed for access modems, is now available on any type of low density VoIP gateways:  2-24 analog adaptors, ISDN BRI and ISDN PRI gateways, ensuring single, standardised provisioning available across all platforms.

Service Providers worldwide are seeking to simplify the management of VoIP telephone systems. Historically it has been very expensive and time consuming because of the complexity of different components and many possible configurations of individual devices. With TR-069, Service Providers, beginning to plan PSTN replacement, can now use a common platform to facilitate mass deployment, and to manage all of their Customer Premise devices, including Mediatrix VoIP Gateways.

“The increasing global demand for Mediatrix products by Service Providers  has reinforced our drive to continue enhancing the provisioning capabilities for our products, to accelerate and facilitate the time to market for telephony services,” said Andres Torres, Mediatrix Product Line Manager at M5 Technologies. “By supporting this well-known standard, which has largely deployed on IP networks with DSL modems, M5 Technologies customers can benefit from our traditional auto-provisioning capability but now can also use a TR-069-based system, bringing their services to end users more quickly.”

M5 Technologies is Accelerating Access to VoIP

Mediatrix Gateways enable economic VoIP deployment for Enterprises and Service Providers

M5 Technologies , a leading developer of advanced Communications over IP products, services and developers solutions, today announced price reductions on its popular line of Mediatrix VoIP Gateways.

Worldwide demand for Mediatrix’s VoIP gateways is steadily increasing, and we have been able to translate this into lower product costs. These improved prices combined with the savings offered by VoIP will help companies through these economic challenges.

“VoIP is becoming one of the most widely used tools for business communications, securely linking and sharing voice and data between corporate, branch and satellite offices. M5 Technologies is committed to providing our customers with outstanding values and superior solutions –  our Mediatrix line of VoIP gateways are great examples,” stated Philippe Babin, General Manager of M5 Technologies. “These products have been very successful in enabling us to offer our Service Provider and Enterprise customers more value in these difficult times.”

Mediatrix Analog access devices and gateways connect conventional telephones, faxes, modems and legacy PBX and Key systems to IP networks. They can also provide PSTN Connectivity to IP-PBX and Key Systems.

Mediatrix Digital Gateways enable VoIP by connecting ISDN phones and PBXs through BRI and PRI interfaces as well as offering the possibility of PSTN Connectivity.