Mediatrix VoIP Gateways now IPv6 Ready

Mediatrix support of IPv6 enables Service Providers to extend VoIP to next generation networks

M5 Technologies , a leading provider of IP-based communications solutions, today announced that its line of Mediatrix access devices and secure VoIP gateways running the DGW v2.0 application are Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) ready.  Service Providers and end users of all types can now seamlessly implement VoIP-based technologies as they migrate from IPv4 to IPv6 networks.

Specific Mediatrix products that are now IPv6 Ready are the 3000 Series, 4100 Series, 4400 series, and LP Series.  This IPv6 certification underscores M5 Technologies’s continued commitment to develop world-class products that meet the current and future VoIP needs of enterprises and Service Providers.

“With the near exhaustion of IPv4 addresses and the migration to IPv6-enabled networks, it was critically important to ensure transparent support of either protocol on our industry leading line of Mediatrix solutions,” explained Andres Torres, Product Line Manager at M5 Technologies . “This enables our customers to continue to leverage the full benefits of VoIP for any network application, while also benefitting from all of the major improvements brought to networks by IPv6”.

Since 1981, IPv4 has been the publicly used Internet Protocol and is currently the foundation for most Internet communications. The exponential growth of the Internet and the traffic it enables has created a need for more addresses, and IPv6 fills that need.

About M5 Technologies

M5 Technologies is a global supplier of multimedia communications solutions for fixed and mobile service providers, unified communications services, and hosted communications services.

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M5 Technologies Releases the M5 Technologies-fone BBCom

New IMS, MMTEL and RCS-e ready softclient solution for smartphones and tablets

M5 Technologies , a leading provider of IP-based communications solutions, today announced the release of the M5 Technologies-fone Broadband Communication (BBCom) edition for connected devices.The M5 Technologies-fone BBCom is an IMS, MMTEL and RCS-e based ready softclient solution for smartphones and tablets.

The new edition of the M5 Technologies-fone is designed for Service Providers looking to differentiate themselves from the competition by launching Rich Communications Services, to drive end users with a different, new and unique service offering. Service Providers will also benefit from reduced churn rates, maintain or increase ARPU levels and defend against Over-the-top services.

The Manager of Mobility Products for M5 Technologies, Mr. Pascal Dore, said “The M5 Technologies-fone BBCom has been engineered with interoperability in mind, it is GSMA based RCS-e compliant and offers a comprehensive enriched communications services including Video, MMTEL, IMS, Presence, Network Address Book, Smart Call Routing …, enabling the end users to determine how they would like to personalize their communication experience.”

“Ericsson is in full support of the RCS-e specifications and welcomes products into the market that will enrich the communications experience for all end users like the M5 Technologies-fone BBCom,” explained XXX

M5 Technologies-fone BBCom and is currently available for iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad), Android (smartphone and tablets) and as well as a Desktop web edition.