M5 Technologies at Futurecom 2017

For the third consecutive year, M5 Technologies was pleased to sponsor the largest telecom event in Latin America, Futurecom, that took place in São Paulo, Brazil, from October 2nd to 5th. At this 2017 Conference edition, M5 Technologies brought its most recent launches of multi-service platforms and media gateways focused on the UCaaS market.

As the leading Canadian provider of IP-based multimedia communication solutions, M5 Technologies, teamed up for the first time with Logicalis, the leading Latin American supplier of ICT products and services, to sponsor the tradeshow in Brazil and to present the IoT concept.

M5 Technologies introduced the new members of the Mediatrix gateways family to the market. These include the robust Session Border Controller Sentinel 100 SBC, featuring E1/T1 PRI, FXS and FXO telephony ports, and the Mediatrix G7, a medium density gateway series to connect any legacy and IP equipment to cloud-based telephony systems. The Canadian supplier also showcased the new Mediatrix S7 Series and Mediatrix S7 LP Series, the newly launched FXS analog adaptors (ATAs) powered by M5 Technologies.

“Mediatrix gateways, developed and distributed globally by M5 Technologies, offer advanced features and maximum compatibility with all variants of SIP protocol and with major manufacturers of VoIP equipment in Brazil and around the world. It allows users to fully benefit from Real-Time Communications in a secure, interoperable and economical way, “said Eric Beaudoin, manager of the Mediatrix product line.

Proven Interoperability

Other advantages of the Mediatrix platforms are its service availability and easy integration with various Unified Communications ecosystems around the world. M5 Technologies meets a wide range of complex projects and has proven its interoperability with local and cloud PBX systems such as Skype for Business, Broadsoft and Kandy Cloud (this is the best distributor of the sort and is adopted in Logicalis’ projects).

About M5 Technologies

M5 Technologies is a global supplier of multimedia communication solutions for fixed and mobile service providers, Unified Communications services, and hosted communication services. The company has its headquarters in Canada, with worldwide presence including local representatives in North and Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Patrocinadora da Futurecom, M5 Technologies apresenta lançamentos

M5 Technologies traz novidades em SBCs e gateways como patrocinadora da Futurecom 2017

São Paulo, Brasil – Pelo terceiro ano consecutivo, a fornecedora canadense líder no mercado de gateways VoIP para comunicações unificadas, M5 Technologies , tem o prazer de patrocinar o maior evento do setor na América Latina. A M5 Technologies traz para a Futurecom 2017 seus lançamentos em plataformas multi-serviço e Media Gateways com foco nas soluções de UCaaS da Logicalis, fornecedora líder de produtos e serviços de TIC para a América Latina, com a qual a M5 Technologies participa em conjunto no evento.

Dentre os lançamentos que serão apresentados de 2 a 4 de outubro em São Paulo pela M5 Technologies estão os Session Border Controllers (SBCs) Mediatrix Sentinel 100, nas versões “puro SBC” (sem interfaces de telefonia) e “híbrido SBC” com portas de telefonia E1/T1 PRI, FXS e FXO; e os ATAs de média densidade Mediatrix S7 Series e Mediatrix S7 LP Series, com até 24 entradas FXS e proteção para áreas sujeitas à sobrevoltagem.

“Os gateways da família Mediatrix, desenvolvidos e comercializados globalmente pela M5 Technologies, incluem recursos avançados e máxima compatibilidade com todas as variantes de protocolo SIP e os maiores fabricantes de equipamentos VoIP no Brasil e no mundo. Isso garante acesso às inúmeras vantagens oferecidas pelas comunicações IP em tempo real, de forma segura, interoperável e econômica”, explica Eric Beaudoin, gerente da linha de produtos Mediatrix.

Esta vantagem das plataformas Mediatrix pode ser verificada pela facilidade e simplicidade de interoperabilidade com sistemas de PABX locais e em nuvem, como Skype for Business, Broadsoft e Kandy Cloud (este último distribuído pela Genband e adotado nos projetos da Logicalis), dentre vários outros e permite à líder canadense M5 Technologies atender uma ampla gama de projetos complexos e desafiadores.

Sobre a M5 Technologies

M5 Technologies oferece um completo conjunto de equipamentos e serviços para soluções baseadas em SIP, incluindo equipamentos para instalações locais, aplicações móveis para colaboração e redes sociais e serviços profissionais para o desenvolvimento de equipamentos que utilizam SIP.

M5 Technologies increases Mediatrix gateway portfolio with two new ATA series

The new Mediatrix S7 and Mediatrix S7 LP series allow operators and providers to fully benefit from IP communications with a wide variety of cost-effective and easy-to-deploy applications

M5 Technologies is bringing to the telecom industry the richest feature set VoIP Analog Adaptor series currently available on the market. The Mediatrix S7 is a medium density ATA series able to connect all IP and legacy equipment to a hosted or on-premise IP-PBX, allowing users to fully benefit from real-time communication and UC services. Similarly, the Mediatrix S7 LP analog adapter series ensures cloud telephony services focusing on demanding wiring conditions and over-voltage exposure applications.

Featuring up to 24 FXS telephony ports, these platforms were designed to fulfill the needs of complex deployment scenarios, including multi-tenant buildings, Hosted UC, and survivability for remote offices, without impacting current customer base.

The Mediatrix gateway and ATA series are interoperable with all SIP variants and compliant with most VoIP systems, analog PBXs, and phones worldwide. This ensures outstanding QoS and maximum service availability for end-users in headquarters, branch offices, or remotely.

“Both new series of Mediatrix ATA portfolio include advanced features enabling businesses to have all the advantages offered by real-time IP communications while preserving investment on analog phones, faxes, and traditional PBXs. Operators and system integrators can benefit from Mediatrix S7 and Mediatrix S7 LP ATAs to interconnect any legacy equipment in PSTN replacement/TDM replacement projects as well as integrate Unified Communications with legacy systems”, states Eric Beaudoin, Mediatrix Product Line Manager at M5 Technologies.

Mediatrix Portfolio

Mediatrix devices are certified with BroadWorks UC platforms and are proven to be interoperable with Skype for Business. They are robust, reliable, cost-effective, and highly adaptable CPE able to solve complex deployments with zero-touch configuration and hassles free mass management for operators, ITSP, and integrators.

For more than two decades, M5 Technologies has been the Canadian IP-based solutions provider leader, supporting the fast-growing global telecom industry with state-of-art software and hardware technologies.

Mediatrix increases G7 VoIP gateways portfolio with 80 new customised configurations

Featuring E1/T1, ISDN BRI, FXS, and FXO interfaces, the Mediatrix G7 offers increased flexibility to address complex needs with a cost effective single box

Canada – M5 Technologies has expanded its portfolio of VoIP media gateways with 80 new combinations of the Mediatrix G7 Series. Now the G7 platforms can be configured with up to 4 E1/T1, 24 ISDN BRI, 24 FXS, and 24 FXO telephony ports addressing the most specific needs in SIP Trunking and UC deployments for carriers, service providers, and businesses.

Designed for SMBs, the Mediatrix G7 Series goes up to 120 simultaneous VoIP channels, ensuring carrier-grade voice quality, robust security and easy configuration and management for mass deployments. Operators and system integrators can benefit from Mediatrix G7 VoIP gateway platform to interconnect any analogue or TDM device to SIP trunks or access PSTN lines.

The flexible combination of analogue and digital telephony interfaces turns the Mediatrix G7 Series into a unique and valuable platform, capable to address complex deployment scenarios on customers’ premises. “M5 Technologies designed the G7 gateways for different applications, solving complex implementation challenges, and allowing to phase-out hard-to-maintain TDM switches”, states the Mediatrix Product Line Manager Eric Beaudoin.

The Mediatrix G7 has already been tested and approved by important industry players such as Broadsoft, Telefonica, Etisalat, and Unify. The platform is officially certified in 45 countries, compatible with all SIP protocol variants and highly interoperable with hundreds of models and brands worldwide.

High Performance Gateways

Each Mediatrix firmware release is only approved after more than 80 million test calls with a 99.99% success rate. The result is a product that ensures maximum service availability for huge volume of simultaneous calls and other demanding situations.

About M5 Technologies

M5 Technologies is a global supplier of multimedia communication solutions for fixed and mobile service providers, Unified Communications services, and hosted communication services. The company has its headquarters in Canada, with worldwide presence including local representatives in United States, Europe, and Latin America.