Mediatrix DGW Firmware: Long Term Support

Mediatrix SBCs and VoIP Gateways: Durability and Resilience for Your VoIP Operations

Did you know that all Mediatrix SBCs, gateways, and analog adaptors run on the same powerful and reliable DGW firmware?


Mediatrix products are known worldwide for their reliability, stability, and flexibility. And the DGW firmware installed on each Mediatrix unit plays an essential role in this success. Our proprietary Mediatrix DGW firmware is developed in-house and is in constant evolution going further and beyond customer needs while meeting the stringent requirements of the fast-changing global VoIP market.

For each DGW GA release, Mediatrix platforms must successfully complete more than 8,000 hours of structured lab tests, summing more than 50 million call completions on digital and analog ports. This requirement guarantees the durability and resilience of our products ensuring the highest quality for your operations.


Some facts about the DGW firmware:

  • New upgrades do not change unit behaviour
  • No need to re-do the system integration when upgrading to the latest features therefore reducing deployment costs
  • Works with any hardware configuration even with modular products already deployed thanks to high configuration portability
  • Licence activation (SBC, Survivability, TR-069, etc) is managed without needing to upgrade the current DGW firmware version
  • Remote provisioning, management, and troubleshooting (with the M5 Technologies Management System Virtuo EMS or a third-party application)
  • Highly durable platforms: 3-year warranty with MTBF of up to 900K hours*
  • Long-term support (LTS) reduces operation costs, risks, and service disruption, while ensuring dependability.

*Information based on the Mediatrix 4102 model at 25oC

Mediatrix Gateways are Certified Metaswitch Interoperable

Mediatrix has completed the Metaswitch Networks Interoperability Test Suite with the MetaSphere CFS over SIP. Ensured by the partnership certification completion, the seamless integration between Metaswitch and Mediatrix enables service providers across the globe to benefit from complete and transparent cloud-based communication solutions.

Last year, M5 Technologies and Metaswitch global teams worked together to ensure full compatibility of their technologies. Our interoperability testing success vouches for the Mediatrix family of gateways and analog adaptors (4102 / C7 Series / S7 Series) to manage the services offered by MetaSphere CFS Networks to drive business communications with advanced collaboration tools and outstanding end-user experience.

“Companies looking for a smooth and transparent transition to VoIP with Metaswitch will find Mediatrix the best option to preserve user experience and leverage productivity and scalability for their businesses. Mediatrix minimizes the acceptance tests cycle for hosted communications services”, states Mr. Eric Beaudoin, Mediatrix product line manager at M5 Technologies.


About M5 Technologies

M5 Technologies is a global supplier of multimedia communication solutions, well-known for its reliable, carrier-grade Mediatrix gateways. With a focus on innovation and excellence in customer support, M5 Technologies delivers highly adaptive hardware and software components for business communications and collaboration. M5 Technologies is present worldwide with local representatives in North and Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East.



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