Mediatrix C731: FXS/FXO ports for any deployment scenario

Most of the time, a technician does not know what to expect on-premises when deploying a phone or voice system. Having a Mediatrix C731 always on hand will make your business more profitable, avoiding back and forth and unnecessary truck roll, while increasing customer satisfaction with a reliable and durable product.


C7 Family: More flexibility and more options!

  • 2, 4, 6, 8 FXS or FXO ports or a mix of them
  • IP-Phone Survivability licenses
  • Long haul (Long Loop) support

The Mediatrix C731 (4FXS + 4FXO) is a VoIP gateway and an analog adapter to connect any analog line/terminal to an IP system. It is a true lifesaver in a technician’s toolkit!

Here is what you can do with an FXS-FXO analog gateway

Mediatrix C731 connects any analog line or terminal to an IP system. It does not matter if it is a phone, fax, modem, point-of-sale, alarm system, retail speaker system, train/subway station payphones, pager, nurse call system… the list is long!

It also bridges the gap between an on-premises IP-PBX and the PSTN, or a legacy TDM PBX (or another key voice system) and IP-based services.

About the End-of-Sales, End-of-Life of some FXS-FXO products on the market

While other vendors may be phasing out these types of devices, M5 Technologies understands the importance of being able to integrate legacy TDM to your Cloud Telephony service while providing your customers with uninterrupted services and maintaining the way they like to work.

This is why we have added more flexibility and functionalities to our C7 Series now spanning to 2/4/6/8 ports of FXS/FXO with voice survivability and long haul (long loop) support.


Connect Teams using the Mediatrix Sentinel SBC


Using an SBC – Session Border Controller – is the simplest and safest way to benefit from the integration of Unified Communications to the existing phone system in your enterprise. The Mediatrix SBC highly interoperable design offers unparalleled compatibility between your new UC solution (Microsoft Teams or any other) and major PBX brands and phone equipment.

The Sentinel SBC allows you to keep your existing system while adding voice and video conferencing, instant chat, presence, integrated third-party apps, and more!

  • Use your existing phone numbers with your new UC solution
  • Integrate your existing legacy PBX system and devices
  • Support for SIP trunks
  • Access to the PSTN

Collaborate anytime and anywhere on all devices!

Save time and money by choosing the field-proven and highly flexible Mediatrix Sentinel SBC and media gateway to integrate your existing phone system into the Unified Communications solution. With the Sentinel, you can gradually migrate to SIP while benefitting from advanced voice, video, and collaboration features.

SBC: Choose between two different platform sizes

The Mediatrix Sentinel facilitates scalability through a modular product design. Our SBCs support up to 2,000 users and are configurable with a mix of digital and analog phone interfaces (E1/T1 PRI, S/T BRI, FXS, and FXO).

SBC licenses can be generated on-demand, directly from a deployed unit, allowing you to have full budget control as you grow your business.

Microsoft Teams is a trademark or a registered trademark of US-based Microsoft and its affiliates. Mediatrix products are not affiliated with or endorsed by Microsoft.