M5 Technologies and Cortina deliver integrated voice support for optical network devices

The integration of the M5T SIP E-DVA into the CortinaTM CA82xx family of SoC has resulted in a highly integrated, comprehensive, and low-cost optical network system-on-a-chip (SoC) solution.


M5 Technologies , a leading provider of IP-based communications solutions, and Cortina Access, a leading provider of fibre access & carrier-grade gateway IC solutions, announced today the successful integration of the M5T SCE SDK for E-DVA (Embedded Digital Voice Application) into the CortinaTM CA82xx family of SoCs.

Through this collaboration, the SIP-based M5T SCE SDK for E-DVA is integrated into the CortinaTM CA82xx systems enabling faster time-to-market and reduced development costs of PON (Passive Optical Network) equipment.

With this collaboration, both M5 Technologies and Cortina are committed to delivering the best-in-class VoIP embedded services for worldwide customers, enabling them with an easy pre-integrated solution & quick time-to-market advantage.

“Carriers looking for a complete solution over the access network will find the comprehensive M5T E-DVA fully integrated with the Cortina CA82xx PON SoC. The result of this successful partnership reaffirms our mission of connecting people and homes through a highly integrated and fast time-to-market platform. It is bringing the efficient network closer to consumers”, states Dr. Stewart Wu, Vice President of Marketing at Cortina Access.

ABOUT THE M5 Technologies M5T SIP SDKs

Highly interoperable, secure and customizable, the M5T SCE SDK for E-DVA implements a rich feature set allowing the creation of unique and tailored applications. By removing the need for complicated integrations or deep VoIP know-how, manufacturers’ will see their time to market and development cycle of optimized voice-enabled products significantly reduced. With the fast-growing deployments of optical fibre around the world, the collaboration between M5 Technologies and Cortina offers a great advantage for manufacturers looking to build cost-efficient VoIP-enabled Optical Network Terminals (ONTs) products.

ABOUT M5 Technologies

M5 Technologies is a global supplier of multimedia communication solutions, well-known for its reliable, carrier-grade Mediatrix gateways. With a focus on innovation and excellence in customer support, M5 Technologies delivers highly adaptive hardware and software components for business multimedia communications and collaboration. M5 Technologies is present worldwide with local representatives in North and Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East.

The M5T SIP Client Engine SDKs are deployed in millions of devices worldwide. They are used for SIP Client products by many major telecom equipment manufacturers, system integrators, OEM/ODMs, and OTT developers in different vertical markets. Learn more at media5corp.com.


Cortina’s industry-leading innovative technologies create new paradigms of broadband access from the service providers to the digital home. Cortina’s mission to “Connecting People and Homes” removes the last infrastructure bottleneck and delivers efficient bandwidth to the homes, bringing the network closer to consumers. Learn more at cortina-access.com

M5T SCE SDK for Gateways

The M5T SCE SDK for Gateways allows System Integrators, OEMs, and ODMs to enable voice applications on phone gateways such as IP-PBX, ATAs, digital phone adapters, routers, modems, etc. With a design based on the Intel GRX family and DSP Group Processors/System on a Chip (SoC), the M5T SCE SDK is highly interoperable with any SIP/IMS UA, Proxies, and other types of Servers.

Its provisioning system counts on advanced features as TR.104 model to voice encoding and registration to call control, allowing easy customisation to create a product that meets TTM requirements and specifications.

M5T SCE SDK for IP-Phones

The M5T SCE SDK for IP-Phones is feature-rich and high interoperable allowing developers to easily build a SIP-enabled phone ready to market. The SCE offers complete integration between advanced signaling functionalities and media engine options with no need for additional components to enable voice into an IP-Phone.

With a design based on the Intel GRX family and DSP Group Processors/System on a Chip (SoC), the M5T SCE SDK is highly interoperable with any SIP/IMS UA, proxies, and other types of servers. From provisioning to using the TR.104 model to voice encoding, from registration to call control, everything is in place and ready for customisation to create a cutting edge product.

Technology Developers

With IP technology, Mobile Application Developers and OEMs/ODMs can provide high quality solutions, including voice, video, messaging, and media sharing to their customers. Our Software Development Kits (SDKs) offer a complete range of functionalities easily configured for field deployment.

They are proven interoperable with major telecom manufacturers and softswitch/IMS vendors. M5 Technologies’s software has been deployed in millions of devices worldwide due its compliance with the stringent international standards, allowing quick time-to-market, easy implementation, and cost saving for developers.

Mobile SIP SDK – Application Development

With the ever-changing, fast moving environment of Mobile Communications, many Over-The-Top (OTT) applications such as Skype, Viber, Facebook, and WhatsApp have emerged and become popular players in the same market.


This new scenario features big challenges for carriers and operators to keep their relevance but also represent a great opportunity for developers of mobile applications to offer a variety of solutions for fixed and mobile Service Providers – such as HD voice, video calling, conference, location sharing, instant messaging, and file transfer.

M5T provides Voice and Video over LTE (VoLTE) and Rich Communication Suite (RCS) through its comprehensive and cost-effective Software Development Kits – Mobile SIP SDKs. We provide complete, interoperable, secure and high-value SDKs that allow our customers to focus on their unique applications and achieve time to market, without the need for complicated integrations or deep VoIP know-how.

M5T SIP Client Engine SDK


mobile sip sdk

A complete C++ SIP Client implementation that handles SIP signaling details and abstracts Media Management, SDP negotiation and XCAP handling, allowing developers to focus on the user/device interface and management functionality. Media side can be implemented by customers to integrate the SIP Client Engine on any type of SoC (DSPG, TI, etc.).

Our solution is compliant with the stringent international standards and our protocol stacks ensure support and high quality for multiple communication formats of Voice, Video, Instant Messaging, Presence, and Media Sharing.


Key Features



Make and Receive Calls, Caller ID, Anonymous Call Rejection, Call Forwarding, Call Blocking, Call Waiting, Call Hold, Call Transfer, Three-Way Calling, Distinctive Alerting, Message Waiting Indicators, and Emergency Call Handling.


Video Calls, HD Voice Calls, Video Conference, Video Streaming, Chat/Group Chat, Presence, Image and Files Sharing, Fax and Modem over IP, and Secure Communications.

SDKIETF, IMS, RCS, VolTE, and PacketCable

Our SDKs are deployed in a wide range of networking scenarios, whether it is for custom-based, IETF-based, or IMS-based telecommunication networks. They also allow several options of run-time and compile-time configuration parameters.





M5T SIP Client Engine SDK is an ideal solution for building an over the top (OTT) SoftClient running on an iOS, Android, or WindowsPhone-based smartphone or tablet. Let M5T SIP Client Engine take care of the standards, so you can focus on what makes your application unique.

Flexible APIs

From a simple SIP Softphone to a more advanced IMS, VoLTE or RCS/Joyn solution, M5T SIP Client Engine will provide you with a strong base portable on current major mobile operating systems allowing you to deploy on the broadest possible set of devices.


M5T SIP Client Engine comes with its own fully integrated media engine, based on the media engine from the WebRTC project. Do you want to use a different media engine? M5T SIP Client Engine is modular and can adapt your interface to our APIs.

Secure Signaling and Media

Security being an important aspect for communications, M5T SIP Client Engine SDK supports TLS 1.2, SDES-SRTP or MIKEY key negotiation, and SRTP, easing deployment in corporate networks.





The M5T SCE SDK for E-DVA (PacketCable™ 2.0 for the Intel® Puma™ and Cortina™ CA82xx families of SoC) is a complete SIP and Voice application for an Embedded Digital Voice Adaptor (E-DVA). The M5T SCE for E-DVA integrates into Intel’s SDK to offer the management of SIP signaling and voice-related MIB variables and implements the necessary state machine to manage analog telephone/fax lines attached to a cable modem.

M5T SCE SDK for Mobile

In a fast-moving mobile communication world, the M5T SCE SDK for Mobile handles interoperable SIP Signaling and comprehensive Media Management. Mobile SIP Client Engine SDK allows technology developers to bring quick time-to-market SIP-based solutions. Both Over-the-Top (OTT) application developers and OEM manufacturers would benefit from the M5T reliable know-how and integration experience.