PSTN to All-IP

The migration to IP-based telephony is inevitable. With a major reduction in infrastructure and operational costs, IP telephony has grown exponentially and gained popularity in the past two decades.


Although inescapable, the transformation represents an extraordinary business opportunity for telephony and service providers willing to ultimately unplug their public-switched-telephone network and replace it with an all–Internet Protocol (IP) network for delivering voice services.

PSTN to All-IP – What We Offer

M5 Technologies offers a complete and cost-effective VoIP CPE portfolio (“Mediatrix”) that enables mobile and fixed providers to deliver SIP trunks to their customers, without any of the inconveniences of migrating a telecommunication system.

Through the deployment of on-premises SBCs – Session Border Controllers, alongside with VoIP gateways and analog adaptors, M5 Technologies (also known by its reliable and well-known product brand Mediatrix) allows for a seamless transition from analog and TDM systems to IP services.

Migrating from PSTN to IP with Mediatrix

Reliable and cost-effective, our Sentinel SBC overcomes every challenge of the transition from an analog or digital PSTN network to the IP by reducing infrastructure and operational costs. Superior voice quality is guaranteed and next-generation communication services are supported.

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Main Benefits

1. Most interoperable brand on the market

  • With an endless list of codecs and protocols available in the market, Mediatrix is proven to be widely interoperable with the great majority of legacy and IP equipment including TDM and IP-PBXes; analog, digital, and IP phones; faxes, modems, and PoS).
  • Mediatrix is present in more than 100 countries and formally certified with the most relevant equipment manufacturers, softswitches, and Cloud Communications platforms across the globe, including Cisco, Mitel, Unify, Panasonic, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Metaswitch, Ericsson, and others.

2. All-in-one pay-as-you-go SBC designed for scalability

  • Sentinel SBC is the ultimate solution for a great variety of scenarios (including SIP trunking, network demarcation, survivability, third-party application integration, and more). In addition, this modular multi-business platform performs SIP normalisation translating any vendor implementation into a single well-defined SIP interface, making sure all legacy and IP equipment (regardless of the brand) will connect smoothly and work properly.
  • The modular design of Sentinel SBC provides the ability to accommodate for communication systems of any sizes using any technology. Sentinel supports analog FXS and FXO, digital ISDN E1/T1 and BRI, and IP systems, making upscaling much simpler and cheaper. Customers can order individual modules (such as telephony cards and SBC licences) or a combination of them assembled at the factory into a Sentinel base unit, or added to previously deployed units.

3. Enable next-generation communication services

  • Non-Voice communications can be a big challenge for many providers but we are experts at that! Throughout the years, playing an essential role in the successful SIP migration of many carriers/providers, we developed an in-depth understanding and ability to excel at all non-voice communication applications, i.e. legacy faxes and modems as well as efficient support to Hosted Telephony and UCaaS applications.
  • Furthermore, we understand that a full SIP migration (especially when it is done at once) may be unrealistic for some companies. Due to the high costs of upgrading the entire infrastructure into an all-IP system, businesses can opt for a gradual Legacy-to-IP transformation or keep a hybrid system. Regardless of the scenario, our portfolio of VoIP solutions guarantees no disruption of customer service and, as consequence, minimal churn. Sentinel also allows for integrating future services in the operator’s portfolio that can generate additional revenue.

 4. Manageability and long-term support

  • Mediatrix SBCs and gateways support Zero-Touch Provisioning and offer extensive management capabilities. Its own Cloud-based Element Management System, Virtuo EMS, ensures easy remote installation, configuration, license activation, monitoring, and troubleshooting for Mediatrix unit operations. This reduces OPEX and the need for on-site technical support.
  • M5 Technologies is a VoIP expert operating since the early ’90s. Over the last 25 years, millions of devices worldwide have been using our patented SIP technology. We have a deep knowledge of E1/T1/R2/BRI and FXS/FXO analog appliances, whose technologies are being phased out of the product lines of many competitors, but not us. This gives us the ability to continue supporting legacy technologies, besides adapting our products and portfolio to quickly meet customer’s needs.

Zero-Touch Provisioning Solution

Service providers, in order to perform rapid and flexible deployments and properly serve the end-costumer, need a strategy to maximize device management. In this connected era, it can become difficult to keep track of every single device while keeping the costs at a minimum. At M5 Technologies , we believe that innovation is the best way to approach this problem.

M5 Technologies-telephony-voipOur solution: Zero-Touch Provisioning

The Virtuo Platform and its Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP) feature is an essential part of a service provider’s strategy to reduce operational costs, develop revenues, and increase customer satisfaction while deploying Mediatrix products.

As service providers’ costumer base grow, the number of deployed devices grows as well. As soon as this happens, good provisioning, management, and monitoring tools become essential to:

  • Standardise and automate the deployment process.
  • Minimize truck rolls and remove pressure on the configuration/installation team by remotely configuring and accessing devices.
  • Give insights on the current system health status to the operation department to detect and diagnose issues before the end-user can see them.

Keeping in mind service providers goals to create incremental revenues and increase operational efficiency, Virtuo gives them a cutting-edge management tool with a low total cost of ownership. M5 Technologies’s Virtuo EMS adds value to service providers with benefits such as:

  • Simplified inventory management: avoid having multiple software configurations in stock.
  • Zero-touch provisioning: automatically configure and update devices when the device is first turned on.
  • Redirect server feature: dynamically connects to an existing management system.
  • Cost reduction: eliminate the need for a technician to manually apply changes to a device.

Virtuo’s process


Step 1: Warehousing

Service providers warehousing

Mediatrix units are automatically imported into Virtuo when shipped from M5 Technologies.


Step 2: Order Processing

Order processing


Virtuo builds the configuration templates, enabling units for installation and initial set-up.


Step 3: Zero-Touch Provisioning

zero touch provisioning

After initial power-up, units connect with Virtuo through Internet to complete installation. At this point, units are fully operational.


Step 4: Remote Management

Remote management

Units will connect with Virtuo periodically or when the unit is restarted, to recover or update configurations.

Virtuo is the perfect addition for any service providers already equiped with Mediatrix products.    The system helps cut costs while adding value with easier, faster, zero-touch management.

SIP Trunking Deployments

Although SIP Trunking deployments represent a significant revenue stream for carriers and service providers, it also comes with many concerns about service quality. M5 Technologies allows you to lower costs by providing a less expensive infrastructure and enabling scalable and secure communications networks.


On the customer’s side, operators must provide a reliable and secure environment for their IP communications to ensure a high service quality while taking care of issues that may occur between carriers’ systems and customers’ CPEs.

Our portfolio enables carriers to deliver the best customer experience with reliable survivability, interoperability and protection in addition to easy Media Gateway and SBC deployment, integration and management.

Main Benefits

  • Low-cost deployment and management
  • Protect both Service Provider’s network and Customer’s network
  • Ensure quality of service due to the high survivability
  •  Solve SIP interoperability issues between Service Provider and IP-PBX

Reduce SIP Trunking deployments costs with Virtuo, an easy management tool

The efficiency of SIP Trunking deployments and maintenance activities not only reduces operating costs but also leverages the customer’s perception of first class support services.

Mediatrix focuses on the innovation of CPE management to enhance the provisioning and troubleshooting processes. Comprehensive configuration templates and custom factory profiles, offering carriers and service providers great tools to shorten service activation and reduce maintenance costs.


Virtuo EMS – Element Management System

Protect the Edge of Your Network

The public network offers Service Providers the possibility to expand their offering without any frontiers. This is also an opportunity for intruders to exploit security weaknesses at the edge of the network and make fraudulent use of the services.

Unprotected networks are also subject to several attacks like denial of service and breach of confidentiality.

Mediatrix provides advanced SIP and IP Security mechanisms to protect the edge of the network, providing powerful security features to monitor and control any attempt to access the network.

Offer Survivability and Quality of Service

Service quality and continuity are paramount to a successful service provider business. In case of WAN failure, Mediatrix will ensure the internal call control while redirecting external calls to a secondary, geo-redundant server or to the PSTN, if available. Failover and fallback are completely seamless and transparent to the phones and PBXs in the enterprise.

Traffic shaping and call admission control ensure that the user experience is safeguarded.

Connect any device to your network

While the core infrastructure is 100% prepared to deliver communication services, the equipment sitting at customers’ premises may not be that ready to enable SIP Trunking or Hosted Services right away.

When the transition to a full IP solution is not an option, Mediatrix multi-service platforms allows for the conversion of any legacy and SIP-based communication systems into a single and normalized SIP interface.


  • Virtual Machine – Run your 3rd party applications with Sentinel 400
  • Zero Touch Configuration – Save time and money with easy deployment
  • Pay-as-you-go – Cost-effective modular device

Virtual Machine – Integration with Third Party Applications

Sentinel 400 provides an open environment allowing customers to bundle their own applications into a business-class multi-service platform, optimizing CPE investment while addressing complex customer solution needs.

Mediatrix technologies provide a reliable hardware infrastructure, facilitating value-added applications and reducing CAPEX by using a single device to run 3rd party apps inside it.

Zero Touch Configuration

Provisioning for SBC multi-service devices may require advanced technical knowledge and complex configuration procedures. Mediatrix provides customized factory settings allowing a device to self-configure at the initial startup. Furthermore, Sentinel 400 introduces innovative pre-defined Rulesets to accelerate the installation process and simplify technical complexity for easier system management and troubleshooting.

These Rulesets allow administrators to easily manage service activations, saving both time and money. A Ruleset Editor also allows administrators to create new Rulesets or modify existing  Rulesets to adjust configuration settings as needed.

The Mediatrix Sentinel 400 also provides advanced troubleshooting tools for resolving problems, monitoring operational activities, and collecting relevant service administration information.

Protect CAPEX & OPEX

With pricing competition from Over The Top providers, Service Providers can now sharpen their operational structure and ensure profitability while preserving customer satisfaction with an outstanding quality of service. Migration to VoIP is a well-known strategy, but infrastructure investment and manpower training can represent significant challenges to a successful service launch.

Sentinel 400 offers a competitive pricing structure and can be initially deployed as a single chassis with a basic configuration. Sentinel 400 can be field-upgraded by adding telephony cards or SBC licenses according to the specific needs of each enterprise customer. This positions Sentinel 400 as a pay-as-you-go solution that allows customers to align their infrastructure investment with the changing demand for services.

The operators or service providers that have just migrated their customers to SIP, or are in the process, can trust Sentinel 400 as a modular device for every phase of deployment. Learn more on why Sentinel 400 is a complete and profitable solution for SIP migration.