Sentinel 100 Hybrid SBC

The Sentinel 100 Hybrid SBC is the most complete and reliable Session Border Controller and Media Gateway for SMBs. With a flexible architecture designed for a variety of use cases, including SIP Trunking, Hosted Services, and Unified Communications, Sentinel 100 is a trustworthy solution for any stage of SIP deployment with incomparable QoS monitoring, security, survivability, and interoperability.

Mediatrix Portfolio Overview – Product Comparison

Sentinel 100 Pure SBC

The Sentinel 100 Pure SBC is a high performance SBC for SMBs. Designed to carry out SIP normalisation, network demarcation, survivability, and security, the Sentinel 100 offers QoS monitoring, remote mass management, and troubleshooting tools for a cost-effective network maintenance and customer service.

Mediatrix Portfolio Overview – Product Comparison

Fax and Modem over IP

Mediatrix_fax_over-ipFor many enterprises in different industries, fax and modem transmissions remain one of the most important communication methods. In areas such as finance, government, law, health, real estate, offshore, etc., fax and modem over IP are one of the essential ways to transfer a large number of documents and data, on a daily basis.

Keeping the reliability and quality of those communications without risk while migrating from TDM-based PBXs to IP telephony networks can be a challenge. During the transition from traditional telephony lines to VoIP in the operator network, or the existing legacy telephony systems to the IP-PBX and IP-phones inside enterprises, some interoperability issues may occur between different fax protocols and standards used by the VoIP systems and the enterprise.

M5 Technologies Expertise – What We Offer

M5 Technologies VoIP Adaptors (ATAs), Media Gateways and Session Border Controllers (SBCs) overcome IP fax and modem interoperability challenge by normalising the transmission across the networks, ensuring great flexibility, cost savings and high quality of service.

When it comes to faxes and modems, reliability and security are pre-requirements for many businesses that cannot suffer from failure or loosing data. M5 Technologies solutions offer trustful connectivity and communications to the new IP telephony infrastructure in many scenarios and are adaptable to specific enterprise needs.

Key Benefits

  • Highly interoperable with hundreds of faxes and modem models.
  • Zero touch configuration and easy installation.
  • Portfolio with several ATAs, Media Gateways and SBC models to address operators’ needs of deployment.
  • Compatibility with all SIP protocols and all codecs for fax and modem, such as G.711 and T.38.
  • Survivability: No risk of failure and poor communication during the PSTN replacement.
  • Flexibility to deploy the equipment at the service provider or enterprise, on the edge or in the network, according to the requirements.
  • QoS control for data transmission quality.
  • Cost savings made possible when keeping the existing legacy investments.



A Partner for Reliable Deployments

Due to the high interoperability and quality of M5 Technologies products, the major telecom operators doing PSTN replacement in the world choose M5 Technologies for their deployments:

  • SIP Trunking: M5 Technologies gateways connect to legacy PBX (PRI/BRI);
  • IP Centrex: M5 Technologies ATAs connect multiple analog ports to phones, faxes, and modems;
  • PSTN Replacement.

Regardless of the use case or scenario, M5 Technologies has the best solutions with VoIP adaptors, media gateways, and SBCs to keep the communication through faxes and modems reliable and cost effective for operators and enterprises.

Fax and Modem over IP – Quality Assurance

For each new firmware release, M5 Technologies technologies go through a complete Quality Assurance Test Plan ensuring improved quality to the launch:

  • Software Stability tests
  • Behavior – We make sure that the user experience does not change
  • Features set – We make sure that all fax and modem features perform at their best
  • Audio quality
  • Image quality
  • Modem Connection Reliability
  • Regression tests – We make sure that new releases behave the same way, and better, than older ones

In-House Lab

M5 Technologies has a complete in-house lab where all the tests are made reproducing real life scenarios based on the most complex deployments and, more than this, going further and beyond customers real use cases.

This way we guarantee the durability and resilience of our products to offer the highest quality of service regardless of how M5 Technologies units are used.

Our stringent test procedures for Faxes and Modems include:

  • SIP over TLS, TCP and UDP
  • Secure audio: SRTP
  • Non-secure audio: RTP
  • FAX over PCMA, PCMU, and T.38
  • Modem over PCMA and PCMU
  • Speed tests range from 7200 BPS up to 57.600 BPS

Access to learn more about our complete product set for connecting fax and modem over IP.

Relevant Facts

  • Fax and modem tests take more than 600 hours per each release and minimum of 10 pages per each fax sent/received.
  • Interoperability tests are performed with any fax devices against detailed profiles of 147 V.17 and 27 V.34 fax machines and modems.
  • Release criteria are 99% of success: no image errors are allowed in fax transmissions.
  • More than 3000 fax/modem calls for each release.
  • Less than 10 failures in 3000 calls: less than 0.3%.

Decades of Experience

M5 Technologies has a long history of technical innovation. Our expertise in analog and digital audio processing started in 1992 as a sound card manufacturer. This in-depth experience with voice digitalization, tone analyzing and firmware development was the definite basis for M5 Technologies to get into the VoIP market in the mid-90s.

M5 Technologies has cumulated 20 years of experience since it entered the IP Telephony industry. The company became one of the pioneers in SIP protocol development standards and has consequently been improving fax and modem transmissions throughout decades.

  • Formally certified in 50 countries with deployments in more than 75 countries
  • Carrier-grade quality software and hardware with very low RMA level – below 1%
  • In-house software development, M5 Technologies owns full IPR on its core software
  • Expertise with legacy equipment


Gateways & SBCs for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business

Cloud is the watchword for businesses aiming to improve mobility, teamwork, and customer satisfaction using high-powered communication and collaboration tools. Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business are amongst the most reliable, popular, and affordable tools currently available on the market.

However, migrating to Cloud can be challenging for some businesses that have already invested in legacy on-premise phone equipment. With easy deployment and tangible ROI, Mediatrix enhanced gateways and hybrid SBCs allow businesses to fully benefit from  Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, or any other real-time collaboration service.

What We Offer

Mediatrix gateways are field-proven interoperable with Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business. They provide enterprises with the ability to connect legacy telephony equipment, PSTN lines, and non-compatible SIP endpoints to any Microsoft collaboration tool that an enterprise may have chosen.

Mediatrix enhanced gateways assure maximum compatibility and end-to-end protection, for operators migrating from PSTN to SIP, and for businesses migrating from TDM to IP.



  • Tested and proven interoperable with Skype for Business by the Wipro authorised testing lab [Download Wipro test report]
  • Cost-effective connection to SIP trunks
  • TDM and IP-PBX integration
  • Fix and mobile end-points integration in headquarters and branch offices
  • PSTN connectivity and access
  • Maximum quality of services for Unified Communications
  • Interoperable with a large variety of brands and softswitches.

Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business: How to Migrate with Mediatrix Gateways and SBCs





Many enterprises may choose, at first, to keep their on-premise legacy equipment while adopting the UC tools of Microsoft. Preserving CAPEX investments and keeping specialised functionalities already set in place can justify the coexistence of the legacy equipment integrated in the new Cloud Telephony system.

Mediatrix assures smooth communication and maximum compatibility between all SIP variants and phone equipment worldwide. As a result, businesses can take advantage of all UC services with minimum investment and quick deployment.


The need for high-quality voice, video, data, presence, and chat, as well as other ways of collaborating, is a reality for both operators and end-users. This convergence, however, can rarely be addressed overnight in small organisations. Thus, SMBs tend to choose a gradual migration to SIP, where hybrid IP and traditional systems must connect seamlessly.

Mediatrix gateways are the most comprehensive VoIP platforms enabling routing control of ISDN PRI, E&M, and R2 E1/T1 CAS calls during a complete or partial SIP migration, ensuring:

  • Flexibility and interoperability between many devices;
  • Survivability and quality of service during each phase of SIP migration;
  • High levels of security with encrypted signaling and media incoming and outgoing


Mediatrix multi-service business gateways also ensure high-availability and service excellence for end-users in pure IP-based systems using Microsoft Teams, Office 365, and Skype for Business.

Our complete portfolio of SIP solutions relies on advanced security protocols to offer end-to-end network protection. The SIP over TLS (Transport Layer Security) functionality, enabled in all Mediatrix platforms, allow signaling and media encryption, protecting devices from malicious attacks.

Sentinel SBCs also feature Topology Hiding and Denial of Service (DoS) for pure IP networks. Sentinel stands as a border controller between the enterprise and the public network, hiding the topology of private IP addresses and devices deployed on-premise. Any attempts to pass through this border is analyzed and approved or rejected based on predefined established rules

“Microsoft” and its logo, “Microsoft Teams”, “Office 365″, and “Skype for Business” are trademarks or registered trademarks of US-based Microsoft and its affiliates. Mediatrix products are not affiliated with or endorsed by Microsoft.

System Integrators & Enterprises

M5 Technologies offers a rich portfolio of CPEs and mobile applications to meet the demand for real time communications and collaboration tools for Unified Communications solutions.

System Integrators can rely on Sentinel’s Virtual Machine for integration of 3rd Party Applications, and deploy their own solutions into a carrier grade CPE, optimizing hardware infrastructure on-premise while addressing multi-service needs for customers.

Session Border Controllers

Seamlessly connect IP communication systems, IP-Phones, and SIP based mobile clients with SIP Trunking, Unified Communication, and Hosted Services.

Sentinel 400 SBC

The Sentinel 400 bundles the capabilities of a Session Border Controller and a Media Gateway. Robust, field-upgradable, and ready for third-party software integration, this multi-service business platform is designed to address a variety of applications including security, demarcation point, SIP normalisation, and survivability.