SIP Trunking For Enterprises

There are many challenges for enterprises migrating from legacy communication systems to pure IP/SIP Trunking or even hybrid systems.Some of the most important challenges involve infrastructure costs and service experience. Adaptable enterprise session border controllers can manage these issues and keep operating costs down while preserving the quality of internal and external calls.

Mediatrix Sentinel 400 allows enterprises to protect and control access to their network while being easy to deploy and affordable. With Sentinel, enterprises do not need to worry about interoperability issues caused by the use of devices from different manufacturers.

Main Benefits

Low-cost deployment and management

Protect both Service Provider’s network and Customer’s network

Ensure quality of service due to the high survivability

Solve SIP interoperability issues between Service Provider and IP-PBX

Provide Service Continuity

Enterprises connected with SIP Trunks or hosted services may suffer from service interruption when losing network access with the Service Provider.With constant monitoring of the network availability, if the WAN goes down, Sentinel will forward future communications towards an alternative destination such as a second Service Provider or a PSTN lifeline. When the main server is back on-line, communications are forwarded back to the primary destination. Unless there were communications active the time the failure was detected, fallback process will be seamless to end users.Sentinel keeps a record of registration requests sent to the Service Provider and uses these records to maintain internal call service.

Ensure Quality Of Service

Sentinel executes Priority and Class of Service tagging as well as traffic shaping to voice and data packets to ensure priority treatment along the network. This reduces the occurrence of packet loss which has a direct impact on the end user’s perception of the quality of real-time communications.Sentinel also controls the maximum number of simultaneous calls allowed on premises based on bandwidth availability and other conditions. This limitation can be set on a per-site, per-network or per-users group basis.

Connect To Any Device

While deploying cloud telephony services, interoperability issues may raise due to the fact the enterprise may have a large variety of devices from different vendors. Existing infrastructure may include legacy PBX systems, fax machines and modems, IP-PBXs and IP-Phones, alarm systems and video-conference.In addition to integrating any ISDN or analog device into a VoIP environment, Sentinel performs SIP normalization to translate any vendor implementation into a single well-defined SIP interface that can be adapted to any IMS or Softswitch solution.

Prevent Fraud Attacks

Network devices like routers and firewalls provide IP level protection to enterprises from external attacks. Telephony services though demand deeper level of security to protect from malicious attempts to access the service. This represents an imminent threat from fraud attacks.Sentinel controls and limits the number of SIP sessions per network, per IP Address or per single user, managing to identify and block unauthorized parties to access and make use of private services.Sentinel also maintains Call Detail and Activity Records on a local database to keep log history for a period of time. Security logs and notifications can be enabled to alert, in real-time, the network supervisor from any anomaly detected.

Shield Of Confidentiality

Without the appropriate protection for signalling messages, sensitive information from IP-Phones and IP-PBX such as vendor’s name or release version will be sent to the Internet. This sensitive information exposes the devices to attacks from malicious users taking advantage of some possible vulnerabilities.Sentinel stands as a border controller between the enterprise and the public network, hiding the topology of private IP addresses and devices deployed on premise. It also provides secure communication through encrypted media and signalling. Any attempts to pass through this border is analyzed and approved or rejected based on predefined established security rules.

Reduce Deployment Costs

Migration to VoIP is a trustworthy strategy to provide outstanding communication services inside your enterprise, but infrastructure investment and manpower training can represent significant roadblocks or simply hamper a successful launch.With a very competitive pricing structure, Sentinel can be ordered as a single chassis with a basic configuration and later, telephony cards or licenses can be added according to specific needs.Sentinel is a pay-as-you-go solution, allowing customers to align infrastructure investment with service demand and protect operation cash flow.


  • Flexibility that suits any interface
  • Powerful Feature Set
  • Virtual Machine for third-party application integration
  • Save time and money with Zero Touch Configuration
  • 3-year warranty and the best cost vs. benefit


Sentinel meets the requirements for any deployment scenario of VoIP services. It can be configured with any combination of BRI, PRI, FXS and FXO interfaces, and execute an extended set of actions to implement security policies, to adapt to different SIP implementations and remotely perform advanced troubleshooting and monitoring.Sentinel can easily be adapted to different access technologies such as fibre, DSL or LTE uplinks.

Powerful Feature Set

In addition of covering full feature set for SIP-to-SIP and SIP-to-TDM applications, Sentinel presents a customer-driven roadmap to introduce features like Voice Recording and Transcoding, adapting for future demands while maintaining the same hardware.Mediatrix products are certified, or in the process to be certified, with all major softswitch and PBX vendors.

Virtual Machine

Another valuable advantage of Sentinel 400 is its 3rd party apps integration on a Virtual Machine. It enables an open environment for customers to run their own applications into this business-class multi-service platform, optimizing CPE investment while addressing complex customer solution needs.

Easy To Use

Sentinel provisioning is based on Rulesets. A Ruleset addresses a group of settings inside Sentinel’s configuration to manage certain functions such as NAT Traversal, media anchoring, SIP normalization.By selecting these Rulesets, administrators will manage service activations following a few steps and saving valuable operation time.A Ruleset Editor enables administrators to create new or to modify existing Rulesets to adjust settings for different deployment scenarios.

Return On Investment

With a competitive pricing offer, Sentinel is placed as the most effective Pricing/Feature-set ratio on the range of 30 to 600 sessions.Our product is guaranteed for 3 years. Enterprises can also opt for the benefit of advanced replacement during the product lifetime.Customers can define configuration and packaging options from factory, as well as full or partial branding, country certification and co-marketing activities for special projects.