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Zero-Touch Provisioning Solution

Service providers, in order to perform rapid and flexible deployments and properly serve the end-costumer, need a strategy to maximize device management. In this connected era, it can become difficult to keep track of every single device while keeping the costs at a minimum. At M5 Technologies Corporation, we believe that innovation is the best way to approach this problem.

Our Solution: Zero-Touch Provisioning

The Virtuo Platform and its Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP) feature is an essential part of a service provider’s strategy to reduce operational costs, develop revenues, and increase customer satisfaction while deploying Mediatrix products.As service providers’ costumer base grow, the number of deployed devices grows as well. As soon as this happens, good provisioning, management, and monitoring tools become essential to:

  • Standardise and automate the deployment process.
  • Minimize truck rolls and remove pressure on the configuration/installation team by remotely configuring and accessing devices.
  • Give insights on the current system health status to the operation department to detect and diagnose issues before the end-user can see them.

Keeping in mind service providers goals to create incremental revenues and increase operational efficiency, Virtuo gives them a cutting-edge management tool with a low total cost of ownership. M5 Technologies’s Virtuo EMS adds value to service providers with benefits such as:

  • Simplified inventory management: avoid having multiple software configurations in stock.
  • Zero-touch provisioning: automatically configure and update devices when the device is first turned on.
  • Redirect server feature: dynamically connects to an existing management system.
  • Cost reduction: eliminate the need for a technician to manually apply changes to a device.

Virtuo’s process

Step 1: Warehousing

Service providers warehousing

Mediatrix units are automatically imported into Virtuo when shipped from M5 Technologies.

Step 2: Order Processing

Order processing

Virtuo builds the configuration templates, enabling units for installation and initial set-up.

Step 3: Zero-Touch Provisioning

zero touch provisioning

After initial power-up, units connect with Virtuo through Internet to complete installation. At this point, units are fully operational.

Step 4: Remote Management

Remote management

Units will connect with Virtuo periodically or when the unit is restarted, to recover or update configurations.Virtuo is the perfect addition for any service providers already equiped with Mediatrix products.    The system helps cut costs while adding value with easier, faster, zero-touch management.