Migrate To SIP Telephony

More and more businesses are looking for new ways to implement Unified Communications solutions to improve their efficiency. This is why many enterprises are migrating to SIP Telephony, which means migrating from TDM-based telephony architectures to a SIP-based network.The Mediatrix portfolio provides affordable and high-quality solutions (including Media Gateways, Phone Adaptors, and SBCs) to promote the convergence of traditional phone services into the new IP-based voice, video, and data.


  • Flexibility and interoperability between many devices
  • Survivability and quality of service during each phase of SIP migration
  • High levels of security with encrypted signaling and media
  • Lower costs of VoIP implementation and management for service providers, integrators, and customers

M5 Technologies’s Solutions Address Each Phase Of SIP Migration:

  • PSTN Replacement – Migrate the network into IP and keep the connectivity between analog/ISDN equipment and the new SIP core.
  • Hybrid Legacy/IP system –Add new IP applications and services to the enterprises’ legacy communications system.
  • Fully migrate to SIP – Finally, enterprises will gradually move users to SIP extensions until all users are migrated.

Mediatrix Differentiators For Enterprises

Integrate Legacy And IP-Based Communication Systems

The Mediatrix portfolio of media gateways, phone adaptors, and enterprise session border controllers are recognized for their interoperability with major soft-switches and IMS vendors.Mediatrix also complies with legacy telephony specifications to smoothly integrate landlines, PBX systems, and both analog and ISDN devices with the IP communications system.

Protect Customer Quality Experience

Less resilient networks are subject to disruption and poor quality for real-time communication services.The Mediatrix portfolio offers network survivability and security to ensure the delivery of carrier-class services.

IPv4 To IPv6

IPv6 network transition scenarios for business services come with many challenges for enterprises. With the introduction of IPv6 clients and servers within the LAN and the Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), IPv6-capable wide area network (WAN) services are becoming mandatory, while supporting existing IPv4 clients and servers as well.

Mediatrix portfolio includes IPv4-IPv6 dual-stack systems. Regardless of when and how long migration to IPv6 will last, Mediatrix ensures high-quality communications for service providers and businesses between IPv4 and IPv6 networks.