M5T SCE SDK For Gateways

The M5T SCE SDK for Gateways allows System Integrators, OEMs, and ODMs to enable voice applications on phone gateways such as IP-PBX, ATAs, digital phone adapters, routers, modems, etc. With a design based on the Intel GRX family and DSP Group Processors/System on a Chip (SoC), the M5T SCE SDK is highly interoperable with any SIP/IMS UA, Proxies, and other types of Servers.

Its provisioning system counts on advanced features as TR.104 model to voice encoding and registration to call control, allowing easy customisation to create a product that meets TTM requirements and specifications.


Technical Specifications

Telephony Features
 Outgoing/incoming voice calls
Call hold/resume
Call forward
Call transfer
Call waiting
Second call
Message Waiting Indication (MWI)
Caller ID

SIP Connectivity
QoS (DSCP) tagging

Registration refresh
Registration events
Network initiated de-registration

SIP Session
Session establishment and teardown
Session timers
Server location
Event handling (such as MWI)
Session update
SIP Privacy
Offer-Answer negotiation
User Agent header configuration
Compact headers
Proxy routed calls

Voice and video over IP

Fax pass-though
T.38 over udptl

TR.104 parameters
Extension variables

IETF, IMS, RCS, VoLTE, and PacketCable
The SCE is deployed in a wide range of networking scenarios, whether it is for custom-based, IETF-based, or IMS-based telecommunication networks. The SCE offers many run-time and compile-time configuration parameters that allow your solutions to be deployed in any SIP based environment.

The modular architecture of the IP-Phone and Gateway SDKs allows for customisation to be added on top of the standard SCE SDK. The available comprehensive API documentation ensures the required extensibility to meet System Integrators and OEM/ODMs specific needs in a fast and easy way. Additional options can also be licensed to speed-up your development.


    Quick Time to Market

  • M5T SDKs offer a complete range of functionalities and stacks, easily configured for field deployment.

    Cost Saving

  • M5T SDKs are a cost effective solution when compared with building an in-house implementation.
  • Our expertise in SIP, IMS, VoLTE, and PacketCable allows our customers to focus on their core competencies and meet its time to market.

    Easy Implementation

  • M5T SDKs offer customisation, pre-certification, and test services.

    Reduced Risk

  • Proven interoperable with major telecom manufacturers and softswitch/IMS vendors.
  • Deployed in millions of devices worldwide due its compatibility with the stringent international standards.
  • Highly flexible and secure to offer scalability and reliability.

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Key Features

SoC and Media Engine Options
Customers can choose to license either the M5T SCE software-based that includes the media engine from the well-known WebRTC project, or another readily available SoC-oriented media engine for DSPG, IntelPuma or others. Both provide a high-quality audio/video engine and support multiple codecs.

What Is Included

Licensing the SDK for Gateways will provide you with the following:

  • Comprehensive API reference documents
  • Programmers’ Guide
  • Full SCE C++ source code
  • M5T Make – make tool for Linux
  • Demo application
  • Media Engine integration source code sample & Media Engine SoC integration

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