Product warranty


All M5 Technologies products (hereinafter referred to as "product" or "products") benefit from the standard material guarantee of three years of M5 technologies, unless different guarantee conditions have been granted within the framework of a contract Commercial partnership. M5 Technologies Corporation guarantees that each new product is free from any lack of material and manufacturing under normal conditions of use and maintenance for a period of thirty-six (36) months from the date of shipment of M5 Technologies.

Limited warranty coverage

This limited warranty covers manufacturing defects as well as product failures in the context of normal and correct use. This limited guarantee does not apply to any product which (a) has been modified or altered by a part other than M5 technologies; or (b) was damaged by a difference in relation to the specifications of the product; or (c) has been the subject of an accident, abnormal or incorrect use, including, but without limiting itself, abuse, misuse or unauthorized modification, damage due to lightning or overvoltage, exposure to nature forces (lightning, fire, rain, flood, etc.), heat, cold or extreme humidity and a corrosive environment; or (d) has been repaired or altered by an unauthorized person or by a third party. ), in extreme heat, cold or humidity and corrosive environments; or (d) has been repaired or modified by an unauthorized maintenance service; or (e) saw its serial number modified, removed or illegible; or (f) has been damaged by accessories or other attachments not approved by M5 Technologies. This limited guarantee also does not cover the normal wear and tear of the lids, boxes, cases, connectors and accessories.

Liability limits

If a product breaks down or does not work as planned, the full responsibility of M5 Technologies and the exclusive recourse of the buyer under this limited warranty will be, at the choice of M5 Technologies: (a) to deploy reasonable efforts To remedy the defects covered by this limited warranty within a reasonable time, or (b) to repair or replace the defective product with a functionally equivalent product in accordance with the RMA policy and procedure described below or (c) to reimburse The price paid for the product. M5 technologies will not be responsible for anyone for damage or losses resulting from product failure. M5 Technologies will in no case be responsible for an amount greater than the customer's purchase price, without exceeding the current price of the product. M5 technologies specifically declines any other guarantee, express or implicit. There is no guarantee, express or implicit, by law operation or otherwise, made or authorized to be made with regard to any product provided by this. Media5 declines any implicit guarantee of market quality or adequacy for a particular use. In no case will media5 be responsible for accessory, indirect, special or consecutive damage to use, or to use by a third party, any product or service provided by Media5. The only recourse for the responsibility of media5 of any kind whatsoever, including the negligence and the violation of the trade agreement or the partnership agreement, in relation to the present agreement or by draining, will be limited to the provision ABOVE.

Claims under the guarantee

The M5 Technologies products subject to a complaint under the warranty must be reported to M5 Technologies Corporation or to an approved distributor or reseller of M5 Technologies Corporation from which you bought the unit originally. Having concluded a level of service agreement with M5 Technologies Corporation can report and refer defective products directly to M5 Technologies by following the RMA policy and procedure described below. For the warranty period, M5 Technologies will repair or replace, to its convenience, the defective product. If the returned product turns out, after examination by M5 Technologies, not being defective, the customer agrees to cover the transport costs incurred for the return of the product to the user, as well as the costs of "No Fault Found Found "At M5 Technologies, in accordance with the RMA policy and procedure described below. The warranty requests made after the applicable warranty period will be considered as a warranty repairs. M5 Technologies will ask the RMA applicant for a credit card number or an order form corresponding to the estimated repair costs before authorizing the return. Fixed repair prices are defined in the RMA policy and procedure described below.

Policy and procedure for returning goods (RMA)

M5 Technologies does not authorize the return of M5 Technologies products, except in the event of verifiable dysfunction of the products. In the case of a malfunction of the products, an authorization to return equipment (RMA) of M5 Technologies must be obtained before returning any product. The product must be shipped to the point of origin of M5 Technologies, in paid port, with an authorization number of return valid clearly displayed outside the package (s). The sender will pay all shipping costs, taxes and prices to return a defective product to M5 Technologies and M5 Technologies will pay all costs, excluding all the brokerage, rights and/or taxes necessary for Return the repaired product or replacement product to the sender. The sender will pay all the return shipping costs plus the costs if no defect has been found on the product. Any product returned without a valid RMA number displayed outside will be returned to the customer, in port due and none credit will not be granted. Any additional damage incurred due to poor packaging by the sender will be repaired at the expense of the sender. To accelerate the repair, please note the following information and have it at hand when you consult M5 Technologies for the warranty service.

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