Mediatrix S7 LP Series

The Mediatrix S7 LP is the leading ATA to deploy cloud telephony services for demanding wiring conditions and over-voltage exposure applications. It provides secondary over-voltage protection and enhanced power feeding to meet requirements for large buildings and outdoor deployments.

Technical Specifications

Interconnects any device to SIP
The Mediatrix S7 LP Series links any analog connection to an IP network and delivers a rich feature set for a comprehensive VoIP solution.

PSTN access and Legacy PBX System Gateway
With FXS ports, local call switching, and user-defined call properties (including caller/calling ID), Mediatrix S7 LP Series gateways smoothly integrate into legacy PBXs.

Highly Reliable Fax and Modem Transmissions Over IP
With T.38 and clear channel fax and modem pass-through capabilities, the Mediatrix S7 LP ensures seamless transport of voice and data services over IP networks.

Advanced Mass Management
Our advanced provisioning capabilities deliver remarkable benefits to Mediatrix customers. Mediatrix enables centralised CPE management, a definite advantage to monitor the network, ensure service, and reduce operational costs.

Key Features

Carrier-Grade Voice Quality

High performance processing of up to 32 voice channels
Survivability for IP-Phones in Hosted UC/PBX deployments
Short and long loop support
T.38 and clear channel fax over IP
Integrated secondary surge protection
Support up to 60 Vrms ringing voltage

Easy Configuration And Management

Zero-touch configuration
Intuitive Web GUI
Customisable factory settings

Robust Security

Encrypted media, signaling, and management
Deep packet inspection firewall with DoS protection


Dual-stack IPv6 and IPv4
Multiple IP addresses and VLANs
NAT, firewall, and router capabilities
5 ports Gigabit Ethernet



  • Connect legacy equipment in PSTN trunks replacement/TDM trunks replacement projects
  • Analog to SIP converter ATA to Cloud Telephony services, Hosted Unified Communications, and IP-Centrex
  • Facilitate the management for multi-tenant applications
  • Connect neighborhoods, campuses, and other demanding wiring conditions
  • Fully certified with BroadWorks UC platform


  • Integrate Unified Communications with legacy systems
  • Connect Skype for Business and other IP-PBXs to legacy telephony equipment
  • Keep existing POTS and fax equipment in SIP migrations
  • Survivability for branch offices in case of WAN failure
  • Reliable and cost-effective solution for hospitality and healthcare sectors
  • Meet requirements for large buildings, outdoor deployments, and over-voltage exposure applications

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